Floating Iron Iron Powder Or Embedded

- Mar 08, 2017-

In any surface, iron will rust and corrosion of stainless steel. Therefore, must be removed. Floating dust with the powder and can be removed. Some adhesion is very strong, must be treated as an embedded iron. Apart from the dust, and iron on the surface of many sources, including plain-carbon steel brushing and previously in carbon steel, low alloy steel or cast iron use on sand or other abrasive blasting, glass beads, or stainless steel parts and equipment near the aforementioned non-stainless steel products for grinding. In the process of cutting or hanging if stainless steel protective measures, wire rope, slings and the work surface of the iron is easy to embed, or stained surfaces. Orders and production after the inspection can prevent and detect the presence of free iron, ASTM standard A380[3] provides examination testing method for iron or steel particles of rust on stainless steel surface. When iron must not be required when this test method should be used. If the result is satisfactory, or nitric acid to wash the surface clean pure water until dark blue disappeared. As the standard A380[3] pointed out that if the rust test solution cannot be cleared, not recommended for surface equipment technology, that is used to make direct contact with the surface of the human consumer using this test method. Simple test is exposed to 12-24 hours in the water, check for rust. The test sensitivity is poor, and time-consuming. These are tests not cleaning method. If you find that the presence of iron, you must clean up of chemical and electrochemical methods described.

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