Changan Hardware Accessories Development Prospects

- Jun 29, 2018-

t is understood that at present, China's hardware accessories industry overall level is not high, medium and small enterprises, start low, more for some small workshops, production craft level is uneven, there is no leading trademark mature brand, the competitiveness is not strong.

And as Europe and the United States economy continues to weaken, China's economic downward pressure increase, the current stage of China hardware accessories products upgrading, the transition period from low-end to high-end products, with the rise of similar foreign brands,

China's hardware industry began to enter the winter.Changan hardware accessories industry association sponsors, the dongguan silver cloud hardware accessories co., LTD., chairman wang yunwu tells a reporter, changan town, is China's hardware industry developed area, hardware accessories factory is numerous,

In order to build a platform for resource integration, actively reform and transform chang 'an hardware enterprises to go abroad.

Going global, Mr. Wang and several other colleagues have been plotting to set up an association that, in terms of peer reaction and other relevant legal procedures, is expected to happen in the near future.

As one of the participants in the preparation of the association, nie honggui, vice President of the shaanxi chamber of commerce of dongguan city and director of dongguan meilin jewelry co., LTD., felt the same.

As a result, the whole industry has been hurt by the vicious competition. After the establishment of the association, we hope to establish an access mechanism to exchange needed goods with each other and build a Chinese brand in the international market.

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