Rings size

- Oct 24, 2017-

resize ring

Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium rings can all be resized, but always take into consideration the setting, type of stones in the ring, and the style. For example, eternity bands cannot be resized since the stones go all the way around the ring – there is nothing to add to or take away from without damaging the ring. The side stones and center stone durability in the setting can also be affected if you are changing ring size drastically. If it is a simple solitaire mounting, however, sizing is very simple and secure even if it is a drastic change. Certain fashion rings with small crystals, enamel or multiple bands can also be limited in sizing capabilities.


How Should a Diamond Ring Fit? 

It is very normal for fingers to expand and contract throughout the day and with temperature changes. It is good to take multiple size measurements to determine what the average is. A ring should not too easily slide over the knuckle, but it shouldn’t be painful or take long to get it off either. Slightly wiggling the ring back and forth with a light amount of force should be enough. If the ring spins or slides up and down the finger easily, you may need to resize it. If you have a doubt as to how secure it is, bring it by your local jeweler to evaluate the fit and determine what action needs to be taken to improve its comfort for you.  If the ring has a wide shank or band, then it will fit more snuggly than a thinner shank. You may need to go up a quarter or half size if you are looking for a ring with a wider shank to avoid it becoming too tight.


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