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- Oct 10, 2017-

Our Necklace Guide

Pearls necklaces

Pearl strands are a classic gift that will never go out of style. There are many lengths and varieties that will suit many styles. In today's fashion world many wear multiple lengths and colors of pearls with a variety of outfits and events - both formal and informal, in business and in play.   


For a classic, wear-with-anything look, many choose the 16 to 18 inch pearl strands. If you're looking for something a little more dramatic or trendy, the opera length pearls are a great choice. If you've already got the perfect white pearl strand and are seeking something unique, there are many unique shapes and colors available today that have become very popular.  


Chains necklaces

Whether you have a pendant to go with the chain or are seeking the perfect stand-alone necklace, there are a variety of chain styles for both men and women. Stainless steel chains offer a great, men's selection at an incredible value. There are many different weight, length and style options in silver and gold chains.  




Here is a list of the different chain types:


Anchor Chain: A oval linked style, based on the look of a boat anchor chain.


Ball Chain: A highly versatile chain with connected bead balls, to which bracelets, necklaces, fan pulls and keychains are made from.


Box Chain – A box chain is made up of square links square, resembling a box, which are connected. It is a sturdy chain and would look great with a charm or pendant hanging from it.


Byzantine Chain – The Byzantine chain is a intricate group of links intermingling with each other. It is made up of round and oval shaped links, and looks lovely worn by itself, because of it’s detail.


Cable Chain – A cable chain, also known as link chain, is made up of round or oval links of the same size. It is a very popular and is the style that most people pick for a simple necklace with a pendant, or a charm.


Figaro Chain – The Figaro chain, has flattened links and does not have one uniform size links. It usually has 2 or 3 shorter links alternating with a longer link.


Panther Chain – A chain which is flat and has domed alternating links gradually spaced apart.


Popcorn Chain – This chain is rounded and a variation of the Panther Chain. This chain drapes on the neck, quite lovely.. and it’s silky smooth and lightweight too, which makes it a casual everyday wear choice.



Rolo Chain – No, it’s not named after Rolo chocolate candy… but this chain has round links which are connected together that are durable and come in different sizes, as well as designs.


Rope Chain – A rope chain consists of oval links that are linked so that they produce a woven rope like look, in a spiral effect. This chain is one of the most versatile and loved of all the many types of jewelry chains. It is sturdy and has an interwoven look.  This chain is a popular choice for men, because of it’s strength, making it a perfect choice for everyday wear.


Snake Chain – Another name for this chain is the Brazilian chain… The snake chain is not made up of traditional links. It has round wavy smooth metal plate looking links that are joined together forming a flexible chain. It looks like a smooth snake skin, hence it’s name.


Venetian Link Chain – This chain is much like the box chain, which is also made up of square links flattened together.


Wheat Chain – Wheat Chains are normally created with four stands of oval and twisted oval links. The links are braided and woven together to make a lovely looking chain that is quite eye-catching!



Diamond and Gemstone 

Single, solitaire pendants are a classic gift choice for any occasion... or just because you want to surprise your sweetheart! There are a variety of cuts, colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.  

If you're looking for a great birthday gift, many choose birthstone necklaces for all ages - from simple solitaire stones to intricately detailed gemstone settings.  


If you would like a more significant gift to celebrate a milestone or convey a message of commitment, diamond solitaires are and excellent choice. Round cut diamonds are the most traditional, but many like the edgy look of a princess cut or the extra sparkle of an invisible-set cluster. There is also a wide range of fancy designed gemstone and diamond necklaces set in silver and gold that provide unique and fanciful alternatives to the solitaire.


For a great anniversary, mother's day present or romantic gift, try our diamond heart, diamond infinity, or Journey collections. 



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