- May 26, 2017-

Depending on the gemstone, they can be a piece of cake to look after or will need a bit more effort,we will tell you how to care for your gemstones necklace,gemstones bracelets,earrings...

There are ones that need a little more effort, this because some gemstones are brittle and can be cracked if they are knocked into a sharp object or absentmindedly thrown down. No matter if the stone is robust or brittle always place it carefully.

Always make sure that your perfume or body lotions are dry before putting your jewellery on. This will ensure that the alcohol or other additives in the lotions and in the perfume will have less of a chance to damage your jewellery. The same rule applies with hairspray, spray on deodorants and in fact any other aerosol product, a lot of them will contain alcohol or other solvents that can damage your jewellery.

Remove all of your jewellery before getting in the shower, bath, spa mineral pools or when swimming. The chlorine and other chemicals in the water can corrode and discolour the setting around your gemstones and also affect the stones themselves in some cases.

You should always make sure you take your jewellery off before you go to bed. When you are at the gym, out in the garden, when cooking or cleaning. 

All jewellery is for adornment and is precious, if you remember to treat it as such it will thank you for it and give you many many years of pleasure.

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