How does copper act the role of the role of clean?

- Jun 12, 2018-

How does copper act the role of the role of clean?

lucky jewelry factory teaches you how to handle it ;a bit simpler: dip in vinegar with cloth dip, add appropriate amount of salt or cuttlefish bone powder wipe, green rust can be removed.More complicated: we can remove the bronze green by mechanical rubbing. However, it is not only troublesome, but also harmful to the surface of the copper ware.Here's a good way to get rid of it.Put 20 ml of concentrated ammonia water into the beaker with a measuring tube, then pour 40 ml of distilled water into the beaker. Stir with a glass rod and mix to form a solution of ammonia water.The copper water can react with the green to form a soluble blue copper ammonia complex to remove the green.In order to enhance the effect of brass water except the patina, brass water can also be mixed with chalk powder or talcum powder, this can increase the mechanical friction effect, make the deep oxidation of fully exposed, guarantee the patina and ammonia reaction completely, make bronze surface smooth and bright.Dip the cotton in and wipe the copper with water, and scrub repeatedly on the copper products with copper rust.Before long, the rust had disappeared from the surface of the copper, and the copper had a bright metallic sheen, while the cotton was blue.Some copper products on the bronze green is not easy to get rid of, but can be soaked in the copper wipe water for a while, and then dip in the cotton with the copper wipe water to scrub.

Of course, you can choose a better way to solve the problem of late maintenance of copper products from the root!

The copper decoration materials produced by copper products factory with strong sample selection technology have a long time to maintain the gloss of copper surface anti-oxidation treatment.The lucky jewelry factory is a very strong supplier in China.Partner brands include wal-mart、JC penney、HSN、TR、KOHL’S、QVC.....

There is a protective layer on the surface of the copper decorative surface, generally do not need maintenance, strictly prohibited scrub, to prevent sharp objects scratch the surface of the copper jewelry.

The dust and dirt on the copper decorative surface with protective layer can be gently rubbed with soft cloth with feed-electric water and clean water, not touched with solvents and corrosive chemicals.

It is strictly prohibited to use glass adhesive copper jewelry.There is acid putrescence due to glass gluing.Damage to the protective layer of copper surface, so that copper jewelry quickly black.Glue, sealant, or other neutral adhesive may be used where it is necessary to bond.

To often feel and touch the steel accessories, copper smoke armrest, baluster, foot, copper decoration, layering, etc., generally after polishing, no longer inlet surface treatment, can be used to wipe brush brush copper oil maintenance at ordinary times.Specific force method is: first the brush after copper pour a little oil on the towel, hard on the ground on the copper decorations wipe brush - again, again use towels to wipe off the oil pollution, and finally with a clean soft cloth to wipe again (for the surface protection layer of copper jewelry not wipe brush).

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