Earring Backs guide

- Sep 05, 2017-

Earring Backs

Do you know what the name of the earring backing is on your earrings? Fish Hook? Stud? Lever Back? Below is a guide to help you know what those types of earring backs look like... also information about the many different styles of earrings that are available.


Stud or Push Back Earrings - These are the most simple of all earrings. These are the earrings they use to pierce your ears. They can be diamonds, gemstones, pearls, gold or silver balls that are on a metal rob that stick through the ear lobe, with a small backing to secure them. These are usually the starter earrings that everyone gets when you first get your ears pierced. Simple and classic... They never go out of style!


Hoop Earring Backs - Are also a classic style that never seem to go out of fashion. They are essentially just a hoop or round shape that goes through the ear lobe and hooks in the back. There are different types of hoop earrings, from diamond cut, metal hoops, hoops that are shaped (hearts, stars, etc.) hoops embedded with diamonds or CZs, hoops with dangling charms, simple gold hoops, etc. They can be hallow or solid, plain or filled with gemstones or sparkling diamonds. Huggie Hoop earrings, loop through the ear and snap itself on the other side of the ear lobe, so that you can't see the backing. Latch back hoop earrings, have a wire that is hinged on one side and snaps into a latch on the opposite side.


Drop Earrings - Lovely earrings that dangle off the ear. These earrings usually hang off a fish hook, or they dangle down from a lever back. These can include chandelier type earrings, which have different lengths dangling down off the ear. They can include metal, silver, gold and have gemstones dropping down.


Types of Earrings for pierced ears - A list of the types of earring backings that help secure the earrings on your ear. Some are stronger than others and some have screw on backs, to prevent loss of your favorite and cherished jewelry.

  • Fish Hook - It is curved like a hook, that goes through the ear. It's long enough that it normally doesn't have a backing.

  • Screw Back - This is a more secure stud earring backing as compared to the one that just slides on  the post. The backing screws in on the post and usually takes a little longer to put on your ears, but then you don't have to worry about losing your earrings.

  • Lever Back - The back is curved like a fish hook with an enclosure that latches behind the ear. Advantages of this type of earring backing is having it secure on your ear, so you won't have a chance of losing it.

  • French Back - It has a post that goes through a loop in the back, also sometimes called the "Omega" backing.

  • Latch Back - Is a hinged backing, usually on hoops that the post goes through.

  • Push Back - This is the most common earring backing. It is also sometimes called a "butterfly" back because of its shape. It just slides on the post behind your ear lobe.

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