Caring For Specific Gemstones

- Jul 13, 2017-

Caring For Specific Gemstones rings or gemstones earrings:


Because emeralds are oiled and usually included to some degree, this stone should not be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner. Emeralds should be cleaned gently with a small brush and lukewarm water. Avoid sudden temperature changes and sharp blows.



Rubies are fairly durable stones; however, the filling process often used on rubies requires special care when cleaning the stones. This enhancement technique may wear over time if treated harshly or exposed to strong solvents or abrasives. Avoid direct heat.



Because the heat treating process used is permanent, sapphires are an unusually durable stone. Normal care in cleaning is used, but avoid direct heat.



Amethyst, like its cousin, Citrine, are an extremely durable stone that will withstand normal cleaning, but avoid direct heat.



Do not use an ultra-sonic machine; avoid heat as it may cause discoloration.


Blue Topaz

Care should be taken when cleaning a topaz of any color. Do not use an ultrasonic machine. Avoid prolonged exposure to light and heat, as well as sharp blows or sudden temperature changes.



As quartz, citrine is able to withstand normal cleaning but avoid direct heat.



Garnet is an extremely durable stone and therefore will withstand normal cleaning.



Opal is a soft stone that requires care when cleaning. It should not be placed in the ultrasonic cleaner, nor should you use ammonia based cleaner on the stone. Clean with a soft cloth or occasionally a combination of a mild non-detergent soap (such as Woolite®) and warm water with a soft brush.



Do not use an ultra-sonic machine. Avoid sharp blows and sudden temperature changes.



Clean with mild soap and water; do not use an ultrasonic machine. Avoid sudden temperature changes and sharp blows.



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