Wholesale Israel Pendant Cross Necklace

Wholesale Israel Pendant Cross Necklace

Lucky factory is a professional manufacture forWholesale Israel Cross Pendant Cross Necklace.we do business with many famous brand ,we will do our best to meet you require.

Product Details

  • Brand Name:Lucky

  • Model Number:LKM3P-0131

  • Necklaces Type:cross pendants

  • Jewelry Main Material: Stainless Steel

  • Product name:Cross Pendant

  • Color:steel gold

  • Finished:lathe

  • Custom Sample:customize

  • OEM/ODM:usually did for customer

  • MOQ:200pcs

  • Sample timing:at least 24days

wholesale israel cross pendant

wholesale israel cross necklace

wholesale cross pendant

wholesale israel cross pendant cross necklace

Lucky factory strength

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To often feel and touch the steel accessories, copper smoke armrest, baluster, foot, copper decoration, layering, etc., generally after polishing, no longer inlet surface treatment, can be used to wipe brush brush copper oil maintenance at ordinary times.Specific force method is: first the brush after copper pour a little oil on the towel, hard on the ground on the copper decorations wipe brush - again, again use towels to wipe off the oil pollution, and finally with a clean soft cloth to wipe again (for the surface protection layer of copper jewelry not wipe brush).

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